All about Digital Flipbooks

Welcome to VC Vlipbooks, we are the premier online resource for information about digital flipbooks which are amazing tools for showcasing your business on smartphones and tablets.

Flipbooks are the latest thing in digital media – content creators, digital agencies and social media influencers have all ‘blazed the trail’ by fashioning stunning presentations using online flipbooks.

One of the most popular uses for flipbooks is to compile different sources of multimedia files (e.g. spreadsheets, charts, photographs, animations etc.) and merge into one immersive flipbook, via PDF conversion.

Imagine that – infographics, pictures, graphs, documents etc. all into one single PDF document, and then one superb digital flipbook. In addition to presentation, the digital flipbook can be easily shared and published online, or even swiftly updated, revised and redistributed, at the click of a mouse.

PDF documents brought to life via flipbooks

Meetings will never be the same again, since the advent of flipbooks.

Everyone’s sat in meetings, being bored, seeing the same humdrum presentations, spreadsheets and staid photographs trotted out whilst everyone pretends to be enthused.

However, now – using the latest PDF flipbook makers – those same mundane meetings and droll documents can be converted into a live, engaging, interesting experience that everyone will envy being a part of the meetings in the future.

Spreadsheets can be made to dance, using the latest animations, popups, multi-media, and creating a vibrant, collaborative effort the whole office will be enthused to be part of.

Flipbooks bring a new lease of life to those flat documents, those forlorn figures, those some archaic attachments sent daily back and forth over email. By using flipbooks, anything that can be converted to a PDF can be magically morphed into a live, engaging, professional catalogue, display, presentation or video that will wow all it’s viewers.

Digital flipbooks are the future to office data

How often do we receive emails and never open the attachments, guessing they will be showing the same boring, flat information?

How often is the shared network folder clogging up with unread attachments, or different versions of the same reports or presentations?

How often is ‘document control’ the biggest misnomer in the office, with a list of revisions nobody cares about, much less reads or reviews?

Suppose we could find a solution for these problems, whilst at the same time engaging the whole workforce to share data in a creative way?

Well, the solution we are all looking for is in flipbooks, so prepare to open your mind to the new way of working.

Flipbooks make data dance

Who hasn’t tried to be a Powerpoint Ninja, hiding boring data under slick transitions, or garish colours, or fuzzy waffle that just looks nice but means nothing?

Suppose you could find a way to simply, but effectively, present data that just delivers itself – without any fluff – but also stuns your audience into remembering and showing them what they need to know?

Flipbooks aren’t just to be fancy, although they can be as elaborate as you wish, but they are there to deliver data – as simply, clearly, and effectively as you wish for.

Flipbooks can take the Power out of Powerpoint data, but without the prattle. One chart is all they need to see, and you can add animations, highlights, popups, sound or anything to elaborate your point/s.

Powerpoint without the pain, but still making the points in a powerful way, is only one way PDF flipbooks can be used in the office.

Portability is the next advantage of PDF flipbooks – as you can pitch to your clients without the need for fancy meeting rooms, projectors etc. PDF flipbooks are easily shared via social media, online, server-side application, desktop or mobile, or even electronic copies on a flash/thumb drive.

Imagine being able to pitch to someone you can meet over coffee, and show all them anything on a PDF flipbook on your tablet at your table. Who wouldn’t be interested in that?

No more projectors nobody can work. No more dropdown screens that don’t seem to function correctly. No more missing monitor expander cables.

One simple flipbook – online, on the network, or one screen – just delivers, simply.

PDF flipbooks are powerful

All you need is a PDF flipbook.

Let’s say that again, all you need is a PDF flipbook. Import your documents into one PDF, convert PDF to flipbook, publish and share. How much more simple could it possibly get?

One PDF flipbook – no additional hardware needed.

No matter what you need to present, be it a portfolio, training video, wireframe, mind map, flowchart, sales presentation, video or whatever, it all comes down to one PDF flipbook.

Put this into perspective – your entire product line, catalogue, sales brochure, marketing and advertising, processes and training materials – can all be condensed onto one flash drive holding several PDF flipbooks.

You can be reassured, that whatever your daily work plan is – to pitch to a client, to instruct a junior, to report to a manager on the sales figures – you can carry all of this around in your pocket.

Even when plans, or data, changes – and they always seem to – continue being assured that your PDF flipbook has all the answers, because it’s a cinch to amend and update your flipbook to reflect whatever you need to, and then move onward all refreshed.

Surely this is all too good to be true – one PDF, one flipbook, with all the answers?

Yes, we know it does sound too good to be true.

Yes, we know big bold claims have been made about similar products in the past that were just ‘put out to pasture’.

How can we be so confident that PDF flipbooks are the answer? The answer to that question lies in the fact that PDF flipbooks are simple, powerful, adaptable and can move with the times.

Whatever tomorrow’s fad is for presentations – latest HTML5 specifications, Flash or Javascript or CSS or whatever – rest assured PDF flipbooks keep abreast of all developments and are constantly reinventing themselves. Whatever people want to see in presentations, they will see in PDF flipbooks.

PDF flipbooks are the answer – what’s your question?